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Inspiration: Paperwhites’ Tulip Wedding Invitation

19 Sep

The nip of fall is starting to creep in.  Pumpkin patches are opening.  The farmers markets are shifting from the late summer to the autumn and winter veggies.  So, of course, that means I’m thinking of springtime!

It’s a strange world.

One of my favorite sites in spring are the tulips creeping up.  So pretty, so welcome after the winter.  The array of colors is stunning, though here I’ve focused on a particular orchid-y colored tulip.  Set against a cool gray, the shade is vibrant and fresh and the perfect set of details to go with our beautiful and unique Tulip Wedding Invitation.  It’s a perfect choice for any wedding, but extra lovely with lots of tulip accents, from flowers and shoe details to the almost-punny tulip skirt on that lovely bridesmaid dress.  I could have done it in a million colors–red, yellow, orange, pastels–and still only touched on a few ideas for how to incorporate this springtime miracle into your wedding day.  You can check out other options in our etsy shop, and check out sources for these ideas and lots of other purple tulip ideas on our Pinterest Board.

Paperwhites’ Posh Scroll Wedding Invitation Inspiration

7 Sep

It’s been a busy few weeks here with wrapping up summer and getting ready for fall!  I can imagine everyone has been in similar transitions, but it’s back to the lovely, dreamy normal here.

Today that means pairing our beautiful, classic, yet unusual Posh Scroll Wedding Invitation with the beautiful, classic, yet unusual Protea.  We’ve mentioned several times that succulents are very big and very on trend, but protea are still a bit on the fringes of that.  I love the big, bold, graphic single bloom.  They are almost primordial in appearance and could easily go from interesting to “interesting.” when paired with the wrong elements.  The key is to balance their angles with some sweeping graceful lines, like in the elegant scroll work in our invitation.  The mix is a perfect balance, great for a bride who favors the unique.  You can see baskets full of other protea ideas, as well as sources for these, on our Pintrest boards!

Inspiration: Paperwhites’ Vintage Border Wedding Invitation

17 Aug

When I bought my first house, one of the things I was most enchanted with were the teeny tiny closets that were lined with beautiful. Sadly, because of the teeny tiny-ness of the closet, all that pretty paper got covered up, but the lesson was learned–just a touch of pattern and color can brighten up any little thing.

For example, if you tend toward a traditional style, but want that little twist of something special, our Vintage Border Wedding Invitation may be just the thing!  It’s a pretty little grace note that enhances the romance and brightens the look of a classic.   The palette is one any Southern girl would love, soft peach and leafy green. But the glory is all in the details.  The stripe of the tie found again in the swag of the chair.  The subtle ribbon of the gown circling the middle of the cake. The bit of lacy detail trimming in the invitation reminds me of the gown and tying together all the elements.  That little touch that makes it extra special.  A similar look can be found with our Vintage Ribbon Wedding Invitation.  Either choice will add that dash of sweetness you might be looking for.

I found a LOT of great ideas to compliment this theme and color scheme.  You can find them, as well as sources for these great ideas, on our Pinterest Board!

Inspiration: Paperwhites’ Lindsay Wedding Invitation

15 Aug

Frosty gray days with a little underlying sweetness.  There was a time where I would have overlooked those days for weddings.  June would have been all I could imagine.  The more I delve into wedding world, though, the more I see the beauty in every season of the year.  You just have to look at it a little differently.  Some of the greatest things are like that.

For example, we LOVE damask.  It’s classic and beautiful and bold and looks great with every color.  But when you strip it down, enlarge it, simplify it, you come up with something very modern and cool.  At the same time it retains all that classic bold graphic that we originally fell for.  Our Lindsay Wedding Invitation is a perfect example of that–oversized and simplified damask gracing the corners, punctuated with and framed up by colors of your choice.  Ideal for the bride who likes to have her own take on the classics.

More ideas and sources for these amazing ones can be found on our Pinterest board.

Inspiration: Paperwhites’ Caroline Floral Wedding Invitation

10 Aug

When you think purple and orange, you may think of something brash–team colors or overbright Halloween decorations.  And there is certainly a time and place for those shades and hues.  If you are looking for something a bit deeper and richer and more sophisticated, consider shades of plum and pumpkin.  Ideal for a fall wedding, a little unexpected, and very, very pretty.

Here we pair this combination with our Caroline Floral Wedding Invitation.  The design is seasonless and timeless.  It’s beautiful and rich and just a little unexpected, precisely like the plum and pumpkin.  Classic without being predictable.  Traditional without being stuffy.  Floral without being flowery.  Exactly right, every time.

Check out the sources for all these ideas on our Pinterest board.  To see our full line of invitations, check out our website or our etsy shop!

Inspiration: Paperwhites’ Rachel Traditional Wedding Invitation

9 Aug

The produce bins at my local grocery have been loaded with cherries lately.  We’ve been dining on them breakfast, lunch and dinner.  With yogurt, in salad, as dessert.  And every time they taste special and sweet and fresh.  You know what happened next?

Let me try that again.

You *know* what happened next.

I started thinking about a cherry themed wedding.  I started with our beautiful and classic Rachel Wedding Invitation. White and gray subdue the red and make it a more sophisticated palette. The cheery red print bridesmaid dresses don’t have the cheeky feel of a rockabilly dress, but they are still undeniably fun and unique.  Grilled cherry cocktail?  Yes, please and thank you!  And one of my very favorite trends–wedding pie.  Pie pops, mini pies, pie favors. Just pie, pie, pie.  If you want a wedding that will make guests leave happy, consider serving pie.  Homey and lovely, but elevated to celebration.  Check out the board for the sources and feel inspired!

Inspiration: Paperwhites’ Paisley Wedding Invitation

3 Aug

I’ve been so inspired by pattern lately.  Geometric chevron and quatrefoil.  Swirling scales and florals.  And paisley.  Love paisley.

Paisley.  It’s not the stuffy hunter green and burgundy pattern of old 80s neckties.  Here it’s intricate, swirling, flowing, beautiful, and just a touch exotic.  Add a bit of gold and orange and it’s a bright combination that transcends seasons.  Here we’re featuring our Paisley Wedding Invitation with a bright fuchsia, a deep orange and a touch of gold.  With colors so bold, just a touch of pattern does the trick.  Flattering colors for any wedding party, filled with energy and sunshine.  A perfect palette for a dynamic bride.

Paperwhites paisley wedding invitation

Inspiration: Paperwhites’ Classic Mary Jane Wedding Invitation

1 Aug

Gold is on my mind.  Maybe yours, too.

(Swimming, Gymnastics, Cycling, and Shooting so far.)

As always, the rock tumbler of my mind takes that element and spins it, polishes it up, and transforms it to something wedding related.  In this case…

(Pausing again to say: Shooting. Seriously?!?! 99 shots out of 100?!?!  Kim Rhode is an awe inspiring marksman, winning medals in 5 straight Olympics!  Yet I’ve only seen one tiny segment on her in the Olympics coverage.  Oh, NBC.  Why do you vex me so?)

In this case, I loved the idea of gold.  Frankly, I love the luster of gold in just about any context.  Rich and lush and pretty, it reflects its light and makes everything glow from within.  Here I paired it with one of our classic wedding invitations, the Mary Jane. It’s a simple, but stylish wedding paper suite that would be perfect for a bride who tends toward the classic.  It’s a little bit preppy, a little bit sweet, without being twee at all.  It goes with everything from a very minimalist celebration to one that sparkles and shimmers with gold.

Check out the sources for these ideas, as well as our Mary Jane Invitation and some of our other classic wedding invitations on our Pinterest Board.



Inspiration: Paperwhites’ Antique Rose Wedding Invitation

25 Jul

While we love all the quirky and wild weddings out there, some brides just are looking for classic. Subdued.  Sweetly sophisticated.  A little touch of vintage.  Those are perfect words to describe our Antique Rose Wedding Invitation.

I noticed a lot of people have been marking it as a favorite design on our etsy shop. I’ve always liked it, but it really comes together and is the unifying piece in this collection if ideas.  Suddenly it goes from a simple invite to the perfect thing to frame your day.  I love these subtle and warm palettes that look so lovely on the wedding party and really let their beauty shine.  Your wedding photos will be timeless.  The memories will be even more timeless…

Check our Pinterest ideas for more things that will go perfectly with this invitation and the sources for all this excellent ideas!

Retail Therapy: Slippin Southern Signs on Etsy

20 Jul

I was hanging out on etsy the other day, checking out how things were going in our shop, playing around with the shop by color feature (I could do that all day!!) and checking out some awesome things from some amazing vendors.  And then I saw it.  One of those mythical things you spot everywhere on Pinterest, but it always has a broken link that you can’t track back.  I thought it was a handmade, DIY that would go on my To Do list, never to actually be done.  But there it was.  The “hey y’all” sign. For sale.

Love it because it’s just that little bit of Southern your back porch needs.  Love it because it’s fun and perfect for an entry way hung over your Grandma’s sideboard.  Love it because for just $50, it’s a perfect little splurge for your new home. Love it for your little sister’s dorm room or for your Mama’s garden shed. Just. Love. It.  The seller has a zillion other designs for everywhere around the house and for all kinds of tastes. The barrel of monkeys monkeys would be fantastic for a little boy’s room. And ‘sweet tea‘ in the kitchen? Don’t mind if I do.  All the signs are streamlined with that handmade, slightly vintage, very cool look.  Reviews are good, prices are great and I’m just trying to decide which one I really need…